Founder Yolk Int./ Creative Designer / Digital Producer

The Online Jewellery Company

Project 01

The Online Jewellery Company

Krystina was on contract with The Online Jewellery Company, to get the graphics department and photo studio set up.

She was also responsible for concepts and designing website content, banners and landing pages, as well as creating content for social media, product photography and retouching, as well as design for competitions and marketing material.

  • Client: The Online Jewellery Company
  • Role: Art Direction, Design, Concepts, Product Photography for Sales and Social Media
  • Year: 2016

PrettyGirl Fashion

Project 02

PrettyGirl Fashion

Krystina has been freelancing at Prettygirl Fashion Group for 5 years and while working there she has worked on all of their brands which include Table 8, W Lane, Beme, Rockmans and EziBuy.

While working there her responsibilities included design for digital advertising which included; banner ads, competitions, digital signage, edms, and digital look books.

She was also responsible for print design, which included look books, posters, newspaper ads, brochures, door decals, clothing swing tags, sew-in labels, style guides, collateral for PR events, retouching, photo concepts and video direction.

  • Client: PrettyGirl Fashion Group
  • Role: Art Direction, Design
  • Year: 2016

Video Production

Project 09

Billabong Water

Billabong water have developed small potable drinking water plants for livestock and human consumption. Krystina produced a video for them to show their customers some insight to why they developed this system.

  • Client: Billabong Water
  • Role: Production
  • Year: 2016

3D Video Production

Project 10

Nulok Roofing Instructional Video

Krystina is the producer for 3D instructional videos made for Nulok Roofing. She does the storyboards, manages the projects budget and resources.

  • Client: Nulok Roofing
  • Role: 3D Video Production
  • Year: 2018


Project 03

ACON Gay Mens Health

Krystina designed a custom interactive facts page, which was incorporated seamlessly into the Ending HIV Wordpress site for ACON. This had to sit with the existing FROST* campaign. She did the wireframes, testing and managed the projects budget and resources.

She also came up with various concepts for online advertising banners, one which won 2015 Best Gay/lesbian Online Ad Internet Advertising Award.

  • Client: ACON
  • Role: Concept, Design, Digital Production
  • Year: 2015

Kitty Pom App

Project 04

Kitty Pom

Krystina produced an interactive book and game for children under 5. She did the wireframes, testing and managed the projects budget and resources.

  • Client: Yolk
  • Role: Concept, Design and Production
  • Year: 2015

T-World Next

Project 05

T-World presents next

Krystina and her partner at yolk produced the interactive component of the T-World NEXT video which interacts with Facebook and Twitter. Krystina came up with the concept and did all the design for the project.

  • Client: Eddie Zammit, Founder of T-World
  • Role: Concept, Interface design
  • Year: 2012

Brand Identity

Project 06

Brand Identity

Krystina has had the pleasure of creating various brand identities for a range of companies.

  • Client: various
  • Role: Concept and Design
  • Year: various

Secret Walls

Project 08

Secret Walls

Secrect Walls was an art battle held once a month at the Oxford Art Factory. Krystina was responsible for everything online. She designed and produced the website, press releases, social media and video.

  • Client: Secret Walls Australia
  • Role: Art Direction, Design and Digital Production
  • Year: 2014


Project 09


Krystina has worked on various award winning elearning projects.

  • Client: Various
  • Role: Design
  • Year: 2014


Project 010


While working at Ogily London, Krystina worked on print and digital campains. She worked with a copywriter to come up with various concepts and the executed the designs.

  • Client: Ogilvy London
  • Role: Concepts and Design
  • Year: 2008

Various Digital

Project 011

Various Digital

Krystina has designed various digital projects throughout the years as well.

  • Client: Various
  • Role: Design
  • Year: Various


Krystina Gibson has worked in the Netherlands, the UK and Australia and has been in the advertising industry for the past 16 years. She came from a strong print background, but is now also focussed on the digital side of advertising. For the past 7 years Krystina has been working at Yolk Interactive, where she has been a digital producer and designer, working on animations, 3D, video, apps, digital signage and banner ad campaigns.

While overseas Krystina worked at Tomtom International. There she was involved in redesigning device skins, UX and creating new device features. Previous to this she was at W+K Amsterdam, AKQA Amsterdam and Ogilvy London. There she was designing for campaigns and before this she was at Spin Sydney where she worked on design for advertising for fashion and other events.

In Sydney she has worked for a number of companies such as DDB, Fairfax, Vodafone, BMF, TBWA, Pretty Girl Fashion Group/ Noni-B Group.


AWARDS: Krystina won 2015 Best Gay/lesbian Online Ad - Internet Advertising Award for Condom Statistics 2015.